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The relish tray! A fond childhood memory! Went here last Saturday night and was not disappointed. Place was packed (of course) but the service was great. Prices are very reasonable for a steak house and who doesn't love ice cream after a meal?!

Each meal comes with the relish tray, soup or salad, bread, the entree and ice cream. Kids meals were well priced too, and no, I did not feel odd bringing my kids. Always a plus!

This was probably the first steakhouse I was ever taken to, and still one of my favorites. Every time I've come here I've gotten delicious, succulent meat- and that's all that really matters! The pricing is ridiculously good and the food is anything but cheep. High end steakhouses are great if you want to pay a small fortune for 3oz of A5 Wagyu for dinner, but if you simply want steak and a lot of it, come here!

Absolutely, unquestionably, and without a doubt the best steak you can get in Portland.

I have been to Ruth's Chris, I have been to Morton's, I have been to El Gaucho, Ringside, and The Portland City Grill; none comes close to the value, and quality I regularly enjoy at Sayler's.

Ignore the oddly rendered murals of dining scenes gone by and focus on your relish tray! It comes with every meal! Do you like onion rings? They've got the best ones around; but bring your friends even a quarter order takes 2 or 3 people to polish off.

You'll be offered a basket of warm bread and melted garlic butter, next. After that, your choice of salad or soup. There's a very real chance you'll be full before your steak even arrives, so come hungry.

Once you receive your entree you will be treated to the most tender, flavorful, and delectable steak you have ever enjoyed. Whoever buys their meat really knows what they are on about.

After that, there's ice cream. I recommend the spumoni. My daughter and I wrote a song about the spumoni.

All this is included at considerably lower cost than one is accustomed to pay simply for a cut of meat at other high quality steak restaurants in the area.

Unfussy in every particular, Sayler's focuses on the fundamentals; excellent service, remarkable quality, and tremendous value.

The food was amazing. The steaks were great and all the components are good. The services was perfect and was super attentive even with three huge parties around. You are going to pay steak house prices but it is good for a family function or birthday.

I have been going to the Country Kitchen since I was 10 (am now 70) and this is my husband's and my favorite restaurant ever and we live 2 hours from the place! We have always had the filet, which is wonderful, but lately we have been ordering the salmon. I have never eaten salmon this good. We now have a new favorite. The waitresses have all been there for ages so you know they are happy or they wouldn't stay there. For everything you get for one price, relish tray, bread (you can ask for the homemade jam also), soup or salad or coleslaw, entrée (LOVE their sour cream for the baked potato!!!) and dessert, you can't beat the price. Their onion rings are wonderful also but 1/4 of an order is HUGE. This is the only place I will order blue cheese dressing as it is so yummy. If you haven't been there, you are really missing a treat!!!

This review is a bit late from the actual check-in. Apparently my original post from the Yelp app failed to post.

Steak done right, every single time. If you're craving a PERFECT steak dinner, or perhaps just a good "bang for your buck", look no further. Saylor's portions are HUGE and worth every penny. From the moment you walk in, you're welcomed by a very retro-esque classy diner feel. A simple menu packed with choices of how you would like your steak prepared, as well as various other food options for the less-than-man hunger in your dinner party. Every piece of food that comes to your table serves a purpose and builds up to that moment when your meal arrives.

You're served first a healthy platter of veggies and a sour cream sauce my family has appropriately named "Saylor's Sauce". The sauce goes great with everything... and I'm not just saying that. Give it a try on the veggies, on a side of onion rings, order a side of chicken livers, a salad, whatever you want; the sauce makes everything AMAZING. The sides are equally as large to their main course counterparts, so order with the expectation of extras to go home.

If I could recommend any side dish to get, it would have to be the coleslaw. Cool, tangy yet sweet, and light enough to leave room for dinner. The slaw partners well with any main course item, or by itself prior to your meal. Onion rings are battered in house and cooked to a perfect flaky consistency to deliver an incomparable flavor to any other onion ring. My mother-in-law always orders chicken liver as her side, and it is delicious. I'll leave the livers alone since I know not a lot of people enjoy the taste. (It's worth snagging a piece from someone else though.)

Dinner arrives at the perfect time, paired with your choice of a baked potato, mashed potatoes, or any other leafy side dish you'd like. Once you receive your steak, there really isn't any way to describe the happiness you have after your first bite. Juicy steaks, even when cooked well done, and full of flavor. Without a doubt, the best steak you will eat in Portland.

I could go on and on... but just go experience the deliciousness for yourself. You won't regret it.

Exceed our expectation. Laurelhurst Market was a big disappoinment with their service so we came here for our dad birthday. The wait time was only 10' for 4 of us on a Friday night at 8:30 pm.

The food was hot and tasty. The fillet mignon melted in my mouth. The dinner steak price is very reasonable and include Soup/ salad and dessert (ice cream). Our waitress was very fast and exceptional. She overhead our conversation about his birthday and she gave our dad a little birthday ice cream!

Would definitely come back when ever we are in Oregon!!

I stopped in just before Christmas and wanted to eat in the bar and watch the Blazer game. We had the best meal, great service and at a good price, steak and lobster, of course, with all the trimmings, cooked perfect, wonderful service, it was like a Christmas present to ME!

My husband and i come here when we want to enjoy an old school full course dinner. This is not a hip trendy place to hang out and if you are in your very early 30s you will notice that the main crowd is at least twice your age which adds to the whole old school experience for us. They do serve a lot of food so be prepared to get stuffed and then take some home.

As for the food it is good steak good sides and good everything. I definitely recommend the onion rings and the calamari as for the steak i always get a rib eye medium rare steak and husband gets a really big t bone medium and it's always on point.

This is the best beef steak house in town. I have been coming here since I was a small child.

Hands down the best bang for the buck.

Don't attempt to eat the 72 oz. Porterbouse, it is crazy big...